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Cloudy tables and side tables from Bree's New World

At Bree's New World we are quite fond of tables with organic shapes. The 'cloud-shaped' 'Cloudy family' of dining tables, coffee tables and side tables certainly meets the term 'organic'. After the Cloudy coffee tables and dining table, the Cloudy line has now been expanded with a sofa table, side tables (corner tables) and Cloudy Top coffee tables. The Cloudy corner tables and Cloudy Top coffee tables are available in three different heights and can therefore be combined as a set of 2 or even 3. The Cloudy Top coffee tables also fit in perfectly with the larger Cloudy coffee tables. In addition, the Cloudy Top coffee tables and side tables can also be used as a side table in their own right. All Cloudy tables are available in the same materials, including ceramic, FenixNTM, oak veneer, walnut veneer, solid oak or walnut wood and various HPL types.

Designer: Peter Schreuder Goedheijt

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