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Are you looking for modern, comfortable conference chairs for a conference table, designer dining chairs for your restaurant or a number of designer sofas, easy chairs or cabinets to furnish your hotel? Then, Bree’s New World’s modern design furniture is worth the effort of considering. Among others, Bree’s New World possesses several models of dining chairs with armrests that are equally suitable to be placed around a conference table or dining table in a restaurant. Besides that, our dining tables would not be out of place in a modern restaurant or conference room. Furthermore, Bree’s New World’s designer sofas, easy chairs, and cabinets provide you plenty of possibilities to furnish your hotel according to your own preferences.           



Are you searching for a conference table of modern, inspirational design with matching conference chairs? Bree’s New World has several models in its collection that are perfectly suitable as conference chair. In particular, we can strongly recommend our models Cadenza, Luna, Athena, Invito, and Lunette. Likewise, the daring design and oval shape of Bree’s New World’s Libra dining table could perfectly fit the purpose of conference table.



If you need assistance with the furniture for your hotel, Bree’s New World would be pleased to help you. Especially Bree’s New World’s designer sofas and easy chairs are perfectly suitable for hotel furnishing. Among others, we could recommend our easy chairs Adagio, GalaxyPeggy (Slide), Ruby (Slide) and Tulip, as well as our sofas Adagio and Lovestreet



Are you looking for a number of trendy restaurant chairs or restaurant tables? Bree’s New World also has experience in restaurant furniture supply. A few of our designer dining chairs would give your restaurant a vivid and modern appearance. For instance, consider our dining chairs Athena, Invito, Luna, Lunette, or Tremolo. Photo (left): Restaurant Joelia by Mario Ridder, Rotterdam.  

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