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Eating from bar stools on a cooking island in the kitchen or at a bar table in the living room are habits that have become quite popular in recent years. To respond to this, Bree's New World has recently expanded its collection of modern bar stools. All bar stools that Bree's New World makes are also available as dining room chairs, so those who want to match their bar chairs in the kitchen with the dining area in the living room have plenty of options within our collection.

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Choosing the right bar stool

The modern living space is constantly evolving, and one of the most notable trends in recent years is the integration of bar stools at kitchen islands and bar tables in living rooms. This trend combines style, functionality and coziness, creating a dynamic space that is both practical and inviting. However, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account.

Height of the bar stool

Measure the height of your kitchen island or bar table to determine the correct stool height. Ensure there is sufficient legroom between the seat and the surface, usually about 25-30 cm.

Comfort of the bar stool

Choose bar stools with comfortable seating surfaces and, if possible, backrests and footrests. Upholstered seats provide extra comfort, especially for long-term use.

Style and material of the bar stool

Consider the material and style that best suits your interior. Wood gives a warm, classic look, while metal adds a modern, industrial touch.

Functionality of the bar stool

Consider swivel stools for extra flexibility and easy access. Stools with adjustable heights can also be useful, especially in households with children or people of different heights.

Bar stools from Bree's New World

Our bar stools are elegant, timeless and, above all, very comfortable. In addition, our bar stools are available in many different colors and finishes. All bar stools that Bree's New World makes are also available as dining room chairs. If you want to match your bar chairs in the kitchen with the dining area in the living room, our collection has plenty of options for this. Below you will find a small selection from our collection.

Barstool Fly

The modern one Fly bar stool is a stylish addition to the dining chair of the same name, perfect for the increasingly popular kitchens with cooking islands and bars. This bar stool has a slightly smaller seat than the dining room chair Fly, but retains the same elegant lines in the backrest. The thin, metal sled frame of the Fly bar stool provides an airy and modern look that fits seamlessly into various interior styles. In addition to the medium high Fly, we also offer the high Fly bar stool On. This ensures that you can furnish your entire dining and drinking area in the same stylish line.

Barstool Luna

The Luna bar stool is a sturdy addition to your interior, with its industrial design and light-suspension free swing frame. This minimalist bar stool is available in two different heights: medium and high. This means it fits perfectly on a bar table, cooking island or kitchen unit. The frame is available in both stainless steel and black epoxy, allowing you to choose what best suits your interior. In addition to this bar stool, we also offer the Luna dining room chair, bar table and dinner table so you can furnish your dining space with a consistent style and appearance.

Bar stool ACE - ll-F

The Ace II-F bar stool is a modern addition to your interior, with its elegant and subtle appearance. The minimalist sled frame keeps this bar stool airy, but still provides a stable base. With a black frame and a seat made of sturdy, distressed leather, this bar stool gives a warm, industrial look to your pub or living room.
Like all Bree's New World bar stools, the Ace II-F is available in two heights, making it suitable for various applications. Whether for use in the kitchen at a cooking island, at a bar table or at a bar, this bar stool adapts to your needs. The frame is available in stainless steel or black epoxy, so you can choose the style that best suits your interior.

In addition to this low bar stool, we also offer the high Ace II-F bar stool and the dining room chair Ace II-F so you can furnish your dining area in the same modern and subtle style.


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