Twinny by Bree's New World - Bree's New World

Twinny coffee tables and side tables from Bree's New World

A playful 'coffee table twins' which effortlessly finds its way into many modern living rooms. Industrial and warm; retro and vintage; sleek and modern; rural and Scandinavian; the cheerful Twinny's feel at home in almost every type of living room. The considerable choice of materials in which the table tops of the Twinny's can be combined give you, the customer, plenty of room to make them fit in optimally with the rest of your interior. The spacious, egg-shaped leaves offer more than enough space for a large bunch of flowers or bowls with tasty snacks. The minimalist, metal wire frame, on the other hand, keeps the whole thing spacious.

After the introduction of the set of coffee tables in 2018, 'the Twinny family' has expanded considerably, both in materials and in type of tables. The Bree's New World collection now also contains a set side tablesbench tableXL coffee table with magazine rack, sidetabledesk table and a smaller, higher coffee table Twinny (Twinny Top).

The coffee tables Twinny have, just like the dining room table Steely an organic, completely asymmetrical top and can therefore be combined very well with this design dining table. The Twinny's are not only available as a set, but also as a separate coffee table.

Designer of the Twinny's: Peter Schreuder Goedheijt

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