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With our collection of armchairs and swivel armchairs, we try to meet the great diversity of interior styles and wishes that characterize today's consumer. We do this by varying considerably in design, seating comfort and countless fabrics and leathers. How about a sturdy, industrial Gaucho armchair in leather as an extra seat by the sofa or a Ruby swivel armchair in brightly colored Ploegwool as an individual statement in your living room? Or what about the cute Rosie armchair in velor fabric for a romantic bedroom? For the 'turners' among us, there is the new Legendary swivel chair, which stands out with its organic design and excels in its amazing seating. At Bree's New World we also go for guts and versatility with our armchairs!

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Choosing the right armchair

When selecting an armchair for your home, it is important to take several factors into account to ensure that you make the perfect choice that not only provides comfort but also adds to the aesthetics of your interior. Here are some tips to help you find the right armchair:

Comfort comes first

The most important aspect when choosing an armchair is comfort. Pay attention to the correct proportions of the seat, backrest and armrests. Try out different models to see which one suits your body type best and make sure the cushions provide sufficient support.

Style of the armchair

In addition to comfort, the appearance of the armchair is also of great importance. Consider the style of your interior and choose an armchair that suits it. Whether you go for a classic, modern or vintage look, make sure that the armchair matches the rest of your furniture and decoration.

A good quality armchair

Invest in a good quality armchair that will last a long time. Check the materials used and the construction of the recliner to ensure it is durable. A high-quality armchair is not only comfortable, but also provides years of pleasure and convenience. In addition, we believe that cheap is ultimately expensive.

Functionality and ease of use

Think about how you will use the armchair. Do you need additional features such as a rotating base? Or would you rather have a permanent base? Also consider the size of the armchair and whether it fits the available space in your home. At Bree's New World we have many different armchairs.

Color and upholstery

Choose a color and upholstery that really suits you. For example, dark colors can be more resistant to stains, while lighter colors can add a sense of space and lightness to your interior. Also consider the maintenance of the upholstery and whether it is easy to clean.

If you need more advice or inspiration, you can visit our showroom in Vlaardingen. We welcome you here with open arms every Saturday and during the week by appointment. Look at here our opening hours.

The armchairs from Bree's New World

Meet the beautiful armchairs from Bree's New World! At Bree's New World we also go for courage and versatility with our armchairs. We would like to tell you more about our beautiful collection of armchairs. Below you can find our top picks.

(Swivel) armchair Kiq

Armchair Kiq is a compact, light swivel armchair for the modern living room. Just like the swivel dining room chair Kiq this modern design armchair stands on a 4-legged swivel base and is very happy to be upholstered in a fabric-leather combination.

In addition to the swivel version, we also have the armchair Kiq Slede. The Kiq Slede armchair is a compact, light armchair for the modern living room. Both Kiq armchairs have comfortable armrests and are available in leather, fabric or a combination of leather and fabric.

armchair Gaucho

The Gaucho is a sturdy industrial armchair finished with beautiful leather. Gaucho is an inviting, spacious-looking armchair with a traditional look. The supple, generously padded upholstery gives this armchair an inviting look that makes you want to 'plop down' in the Gaucho. There is also one to complete the seating comfort and relaxing feeling hocker with this armchair.

In addition to the standard Gaucho, we also have the de Gaucho D: an armchair that fits well in the industrial living room. In addition, velor fabric is also very popular for lovers of a retro interior. The Gaucho D is also available on fixed legs just like Gaucho.

Legendary swivel armchair

Legendary swivel armchair van Bree's New World initially stands out because of its organic design and generously filled, inviting upholstery. Especially when upholstered in a contrasting fabric-leather combination, it is an armchair that requires quite some attention.

After repeatedly adjusting the frame, searching for the optimal angle of the seat in relation to the swivel base and frequently playing with the thickness of the foam, a seating comfort has been achieved that our entire staff raves about. Both your lower and upper back are sublimely supported without too much pressure and your arms lie wonderfully relaxed on the low armrests. The seating area is somewhere between passive and active, which also makes this armchair multifunctional for use.

Buy an armchair from Bree's New World

When buying an armchair from Bree's New World, you are not only investing in a modern dining table, but also in a dining table of very high quality and refined design. In our showroom in Vlaardingen you will find the entire armchair collection of Bree's New World. Ideal to come and try it out or to get inspired. We will work with you to find a suitable dealer in your area. Our armchairs are sold exclusively through our dealers.

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At Bree's New World we understand that choosing the right armchair is not easy. Everyone has different tastes and a different type of interior. That's why we are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in finding the perfect armchair.

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