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The Bree's New World collection currently has two cabinet programs, Solitaire and Mahjongg. Solitare is the modern collection of designer cabinets from Bree's New World and includes sideboards, TV furniture and storage cabinets. With ceramic or wood veneer tops, clean lines, varied cabinet layouts and various color options, Bree's New World's Solitaire cabinets give a tasteful, contemporary look to any modern furniture interior. For lovers of vintage or people who like to imagine themselves in a 60s or 70s interior, there are the Mahjongg sideboards. Real retro cabinets that are available in walnut or teak.

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Choosing the right design cupboard

A new designer cupboard in your home can be a significant investment. In addition, it is always exciting whether the cupboard you have in mind actually fits into your interior. At Bree's New World we understand this all too well. We have listed a number of points that can help you choose your new design cupboard.

Functionality of the design cabinet

First, consider for yourself what you are going to use the cabinet for. Do you want to use it for storage, as a decorative element, or both? Choose a cabinet that offers enough space and layout for your specific needs.

Style of the designer cabinet

Designer cabinets are often statement pieces in a room. Choose a style that matches the rest of your interior. Consider the material, color and design to ensure that the cabinet harmonizes with the rest of your furniture and decorations.

Quality and material of the designer cabinet

Pay attention to the materials and finishing used. High-quality materials such as teak, walnut or ceramistone contribute to the durability and appearance of the cabinet. Make sure the cabinet is well built and that the materials are of good quality.

Dimensions of the design cabinet

Carefully measure the available space where the cabinet will be located. Choose a cabinet that is proportional to the space and that suits the scale of the room. Consider the height, width and depth of the cabinet to ensure it fits properly in the space.

The designer cabinets from Bree's New World

Discover the versatile design cabinets from Bree's New World. Our design cabinets give a unique touch to your interior. It Mahjongg retro sideboard offers a nostalgic touch with its characteristic design and craftsmanship. Perfect for lovers of retro aesthetics looking for a statement piece in their living space. The Solitaire modern cabinets exude contemporary elegance, with clean lines and high-quality finishes that suit a modern interior. Available in various configurations and sizes, these cabinets not only provide storage solutions but also a great look that will take your interior to the next level.

Buy a designer cupboard from Bree's New World

When buying a design cupboard from Bree's New World, you not only invest in a unique design cupboard, but also in a design cupboard of very high quality and special design. In our showroom in Vlaardingen you will find the entire collection of design cabinets. Ideal to come and test or get inspired. We will work with you to find a suitable dealer in your area. Our design cabinets are sold exclusively through our dealers.

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Do you have any questions about our design cabinets?

At Bree's New World we understand that choosing the right design cupboard can raise questions. Everyone has different tastes and a different type of interior. That is why we are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in finding the perfect design cupboard.

We are happy to assist you our showroom, by telephone or come to you in the air after completing the contact form on our website. Will we see you soon?

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