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With our collection of designer dining room chairs, which are all produced in the Netherlands, we at Bree's New World focus on original design, guts and versatility. Our dining room chairs are most often linked to the modern interior, but you will also find plenty of options within our collection for a rural, vintage or industrial dining room chair. Our highly diverse designs and wide variation in bases, seating comfort, materials and upholstery options ensure that you can match your Bree's New World dining chair to a large extent with your interior.

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Choosing the right dining room chair

When buying a dining room chair, there are several factors to take into account. The comfort of the chair is very important. For example, is the filling firm enough for support, yet comfortable enough for longer periods of sitting? Also, there are many different styles when it comes to dining room chairs. Therefore, consider the style of the dining room chairs in relation to the rest of your interior. Should they fit into the existing style or form a striking accent? If the choice is clear, it is important to look at the material. Choose materials that not only suit your appearance preferences, but are also practical. For example, leather can be easier to clean than fabric. In addition, make sure that the height of the chair matches the height of your dining table. Also check the dimensions to ensure that the chair fits properly in the available space. In addition, it is also possible to choose between rotatable and non-rotatable. The popularity of swivel dining room chairs has been increasing lately!

At Bree's New World it is possible to find your desired seat come and try it out. Nothing replaces the comfort of trial sitting to make sure it meets your expectations. By paying attention to these aspects, you can find dining room chairs from Bree's New World that are not only functional, but also perfectly match your personal style and lifestyle.

The dining room chairs from Bree's New World

Bree's New World offers an extensive collection of dining room chairs that are not only functional, but also excel in design. With attention for craftsmanship, bold design and durability, each dining chair model brings a unique expression of contemporary elegance to you dinner table.

Moreover, comfort is of paramount importance at Bree's New World. The ergonomically designed dining room chairs not only offer a refined aesthetic but also ensure a pleasant seating experience, even during long and pleasant dinners.

Get inspired through the versatility of Bree's New World dining room chairs and bring a touch of timeless class to your dining space. Discover part of our collection below and enjoy stylish dining with furniture that speaks of craftsmanship and contemporary allure.

Dining chair Kiq

The secret of the (rotatable) dining room chair Kiq is on the inside. A well-proportioned shell made of laminated beech wood provides great seating comfort without the need for thick layers of foam. This keeps the chair looking nice and slim. The slender base made of cast aluminum makes the seat shell float, as it were, giving the Kiq an airy appearance. In addition to an airy and modern appearance, this swivel dining room chair also has a nice 'fast' name.

The shell of the Kiq dining room chair can be made of fabric or leather, but is especially popular in a fabric-leather combination. The base can be supplied both rotatable and fixed and with or without wheels. In addition to the version with armrests, the Kiq dining room chair is also available without armrests.

Dining room chair Butterfly

The Butterfly is a luxurious, swiveling dining room armchair with a comfortable, wide seat that can be used without or with armrest can be performed. The Butterfly looks very chic on a round or oval dining table, among other things, thanks to its round contours. In addition to the variant with a swivel frame, this dining room chair is also available with fixed legs or a sled frame.

Dining room chair Panache

The Gaucho: a comfortable dining room chair with armrests that stands out for its sleek lines, which can be further accentuated at the armrests by leaving the frame visible on the outside of the upholstery (Gaucho I). Dining room chair Gaucho II has dense upholstery at the armrests. For those who associate comfort with mobility, the dining room chair Gaucho is also pleasant to roll parquet wheels.

Dining chair Fly

The design of the Fly dining room chair is characterized by the strong, graphic line of the rear leg. It jumps forward like a predator and also forms part of the back. The comfort of this dining room chair is largely due to the shape of the back, which embraces and supports the curve of your back. The strong shape also becomes part of the function of the chair. The Fly armchair creates an elegant detail because the flowing shape of the back of the armrest runs elegantly parallel to the side of the back. The Fly dining room chair is also available in the version with armrests wheels.

Dining room chair Luna

De Luna from Bree's New World, a timeless dining chair for the modern dining room. This dining room chair effortlessly withstands the latest furniture trends and has been part of the Bree's New World collection for more than a decade. In addition to its sleek design, the Luna receives a lot of praise from customers for its great seating comfort. The slim, ergonomically shaped cockpit and the slightly sprung cantilever frame ensure that sitting on the Luna will not bore you easily. The Luna is also available with armrests such as the Lunette or Luna Arm.

Buy a dining room chair from Bree's New World

When buying a dining room chair from Bree's New World, you are not only investing in a modern dining room chair, but also in a dining room chair of very high quality and refined design. In our showroom in Vlaardingen you will find the entire dining room chair collection of Bree's New World. Ideal to come and try it out or to get inspired. We will work with you to find a suitable dealer in your area. Our dining room chairs are sold exclusively through our dealers.

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