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Based on the demand for coffee table sets for the modern, industrial living room, Bree's New World has developed a number of playful coffee table and side table sets, namely the Twinny, Cloudy and Abitare tables. Playful shapes, minimalist frames and modern, durable materials give these coffee table sets many applications. They can therefore be used in many interiors, from rural to industrial, from modern to vintage. There are also the Curvos, for lovers of glass coffee tables. Finally, a variety of our dining tables can also be combined with a coffee table of the same name, including the Basic, Libra and Presto.

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Choosing the right coffee or side table

When choosing a coffee or side table for your home, it is important to find a balance between style and functionality. Below we have listed which factors can influence choosing the right coffee and side table.

Stylish appearance

Start by considering the style of your interior. Do you prefer a modern, minimalist look, or do you prefer a more traditional, classic look? Choose a coffee or side table that fits well with the existing furnishings and the overall atmosphere.

Size and shape

Consider the available space and the function of the table when choosing its size and shape. A spacious coffee or side table can become the focal point of your seating area, while a slimmer version fits better in a compact space. Also consider the shape: round, organic or rectangular.


In addition to style, functionality is an important consideration when choosing a coffee or side table. Think about how you'll use the table - will it mainly serve as a place to put drinks, or will you need extra storage for magazines, remote controls or other essentials? Choose a table with the right functionality to meet your needs.

Budget considerations

Finally, it is important to keep your budget in mind when selecting a coffee or side table. Fortunately, Bree's New World has options available in different price ranges. This means you can certainly find a table that suits your financial capabilities without compromising on style or quality.

Coffee and side tables from Bree's New World

With craftsmanship and attention to detail, the coffee and side tables from Bree's New World offer a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Think of Twinny, Cloudy and Choq. Playful shapes, minimalist frames and modern, sustainable materials give these coffee table sets many applications. Also ideal suitable for your sofa! Read more about our coffee and side tables below.

Coffee and side table collection Twinny

Industrial and warm; retro and vintage; sleek and modern; rural and Scandinavian; feel cheerful in almost every type of living room Twinnies feel at home. The considerable choice of materials in which the Twinny's table tops can be combined gives you as a customer plenty of room to optimally match them with the rest of your interior.

The coffee tables Twinny have, just like the dining room table Steely an organic, completely asymmetrical top and can therefore be combined very well with this design dining table. The Twinny's are not only available as a set, but also as a separate coffee table.

Coffee and side table collection Cloudy

The set of coffee tables cloudy is a playful addition to the wide range of organic models in the Bree's New World collection. If you don't think too linearly in terms of interior or if you are a bit vague every now and then, then these 'clouds' of coffee tables might be exactly what you are looking for.

Cloudy's table tops are available in various materials, which can also be combined with each other. How about the combination of walnut veneer with black FenixNTM or HPL Plastica bronze with HPL porfido nero, for example? The slim legs of the Cloudy's are available in stainless steel or black epoxy. Is one coffee table enough? The Cloudy's are also available as a separate coffee table.

Coffee and side table collection Choq

The Choq is the latest collection of coffee tables from Bree's New World. The symmetry and roundings in combination with the thin sheet steel provide a clear and calm image. The coffee tables in the ChoQ program are constructed from set metal sheet parts and finished with 'super ellipse'-shaped tops in solid wood, ceramistone or HPL. The bases are also available in different colors, making many variations possible. This allows you as a consumer to easily adjust the Choq coffee tables to your own taste and interior.

Buy a coffee or side table from Bree's New World

When buying a coffee or side table from Bree's New World, you are not only investing in a modern table, but also in a coffee or side table of very high quality and refined design. In our showroom in Vlaardingen you will find the entire collection of coffee and side tables from Bree's New World. Ideal to come and test or get inspired. We will work with you to find a suitable dealer in your area. Our coffee and side tables are sold exclusively through our dealers.

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Do you have any questions about our coffee or side tables?

At Bree's New World we understand that choosing the right coffee or side table is not easy. Everyone has different tastes and a different type of interior. That's why we are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in finding the perfect coffee or side table.

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